toxo: bows and arrows | philite: one who loves

TOXO-PHILITE is a small couture and pret-a-porter atelier created by Chelsea Jacquelyn Jones. The collection is designed and handmade by Chelsea in her Austin, TX studio. She is a designer who trusts in clean lines and classic designs that marry form and function.

The meaning—one who loves bows and arrows—is the inspiration behind her designs. The bow and arrow symbolize her core design values: simplicity, beauty, function, and longevity. Chelsea grew up shooting archery every summer, so the bow and arrow are a reminder of her childhood and the creative openness we naturally have as children. The word TOXO-PHILITE is a daily reminder to focus on and access that natural creativity.

TOXO-PHILITE does not simply mean: one who loves bows and arrows; it translates to: one who loves beauty, simplicity, function, and longevity.

The collection is comprised of ready-to-wear and custom made-to-order pieces. In staying true to her love of everything chic and timeless—Chelsea creates each collection with the highest quality natural fabrics, hand-dyes and hand paints many pieces. Every item is truly a unique piece of art. Chelsea practices a distinct process in creating custom made clothing. Using the collection as a starting point, she works with you personally to decide the best style, fit, and colors for your needs; then she takes measurements to custom make the piece you order. This allows you to be a part of the creative process and gives you the personalized attention needed when ordering a custom made piece. Creating this collection is an endeavor wholly from her heart, expressing her desire to make women feel comfortable and confident, and look sophisticated but relaxed. Most of all, TOXO-PHILITE is for the woman who appreciates everyday luxury and ease.